From 25/5/18 GDPR requirements mean LINK UP HOLIDAYS (referred to as LINKUP) will operate in the following ways in respect of collecting, storing, processing and destroying personal data. The overall principles governing our response to GDPR will be:

  1. To gain positive consent from all data subjects for us to hold and use their data.

  2. To publish a privacy notice on all correspondence that asks for personal data, establishing why we would like to hold their data.

  3. To explain how a data subject may access their data held with LINKUP, and how they could amend or remove their data from our records.

A data subject is anyone who, by supplying their personal data, could be identified as an individual.

Positive Consent

LINKUP must gain consent to collect data and must only use it for the purposes consented to by the data subject. This will be done on booking forms and other administration by means of a privacy and consent notice. (see below)

Privacy and Consent

The following statement must appear on booking forms and on the website, and wherever personal data are being collected / requested:

LINKUP Holidays would like to hold your data in order to communicate with you, to manage the work of the charity, ensure your safety, provide for your needs on any LINKUP activity, send you details of other activities in the future, and to keep you in touch with other people from the holiday. On occasion, it is necessary to provide commercial activity providers with your details in order for them to keep you safe and provide for your needs. We will always insist they destroy these records after the activity. We will never pass on your data to any third party for any other reason. Once the lawful purpose of holding your data is complete, LINKUP will destroy your records. You may withdraw your consent for LINKUP to hold and process these data in these ways at any time by writing to the LINKUP Secretary.

Accessing LINKUP data

Any data subject may ask for a copy of the data we hold on them, and it will be provided.

They can ask for data to be corrected or amended.

They can ask LINKUP to stop processing their data, or to delete it completely. LINKUP will, if asked, supply a notification that such an instruction has been complied with.

You can also access a copy of the policy by following this link: Link Up GDPR Policy