After enjoying a week with Link Up Holidays at the Knock Christian Centre, most of our guests are looking forward to next year’s holiday!

If you want to join the experience had by those writing below, to have an exciting and fun time, make new friends and discover more about yourself and how valued you are, then get booked in for the next holiday opportunity.


“Knock has been a great time for me. It’s allowed me to have adventures I never thought I would have and has given me a chance to experience new and exciting activities such as Go Kart racing last year! I crashed, but it was lots of fun. Knock has also allowed me to grow in my faith and helped me to feel closer to God with new and old friends there to support me and experience this alongside me. Knock is always the highlight of my year and one of the most important aspects in helping me to grow in my faith. I can’t wait for next summer!”

“My highlight from Knock last year was the water sports, raft building challenge and working with people as a team. This year at Knock, I’m excited to meet new people and carry on building my relationship with God – Knock is especially good for catalysing my spiritual journey and I’m really looking forward to taking another step towards God. I hope that God will show me and guide me in the wider world. Through Knock, I've formed strong relationships with my friends and had some good banter with people from all over the country”

“Knock. as ever, was a very exciting time for me. The highlight for me last year was meeting people from across the country to worship and share the same journey together. This year I am excited to see how Knock can prepare me in my faith for starting uni in September and moving away from home, I’m also looking forward to growing closer to God in the week and hearing from speakers. I hope he will show me new paths to follow and parts to my faith which will allow me to be more proactive within the church and my Christian faith. I’m really excited for Knock this year and can’t wait to see what happens!”